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Morpho genesis of the Digital Book Market

February 27, 2011

To skip back again to the beginning of the year and for the first time North American reading communities (unwittingly) witnessed e-books outselling print books (referred to rather nauseatingly sometimes with the neologism ‘pp-books’..for…Printed Paper…sigh) for 19 titles on the Top 50 bestsellers’ lists. Alongside blogs and articles containing the reiterated references to the reading experience as sacrosanct (yet somehow dependent on the codex form ‘body of the text’, ‘Amen’) and the immanent extinction of the local book-shop, is much industry speculation as to the future for publishers. As one representative from the publishing research company Bowker rather pleasingly put it in a USA Today article: “e-books are cannibalizing the print book market.”
Of course other industry prophets such as the North American firm Book Industry Study Group (BISG) are scrambling over eachother to argue that the publishing world can adapt to and survive the transition.
Am curious as to how publishers’ intend upon protecting the copyright of their titles as these circulate and disseminate through the digital ether. Meanwhile…the codex form, seems to be ‘going vintage’! 🙂


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