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Hypothetical You Say?

March 17, 2011

I would like to at least gesture towards some of the methodological difficulties that I am having so far, self-evident as these may be. Oh but the vastness and the ever-perpetuating nature of the material that I am trying to filter every day is truly terrifying. It seems impossible to stand back from it, and thus to comment on it while remaining self-reflexive about the reasons for including some, and omitting other sources. Of course the immediate obsolescence of anything I say here (don’t worry the format is designed for it), has a Derridean inflection whose sensibility I can yet only enviously imagine inhabiting.
In the meantime I rather wish that it would be possible to get one’s hands on a nifty gadget such as that which is at the disposal of the fascinating Lev Manovich:

All of this rather tangentially and musingly leads back to an earlier offhand remark made by me (!) on 3rd of March, via which I present the hypothetical example of quantitative cultural critique in the form of statistical analysis of a painter’s use pigments over time. Well….

Disgruntlement at the way that these new cultural interfaces constantly present examples of one’s own unoriginality, anyone? For as it turns out ‘Can the Subaltern Tweet?’ may be a wonderful title for an essay, but…it is now someone else’s..See Priego’s piece here. Very unfair. A defense of Open Access entitled..say… ‘Stand By Your Scan’? Nope/no hope. Taken! and so 1990s! See p18 of a Paul Frosh article on Archive here.

Yours, surplus to requirements,


[A Musical PostScript HERE ]


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