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June 16, 2011

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1,’Aboriginal paintings’, Raft Point, the Kimberley, Sydney and 2. Cabbage Tree Creek, Australia.
3.Hand stencil, Cosquer caves, France, estimated to be 27,000 years old.
4.Gua Tewet, The tree of life, Borneo, Indonesia.
5.Hand stencil on the percussive surface of a resonant chamber Peche Merle, France, around 20,000 years old.
6.Stencil in the Chauvet caves of the Ardèche region of France, 30,000 years old.
7.Cueva de las Manos, Santa Cruz, Argentina, dated around 550 BCE.

Many of these paintings were made by the artist holding paint in her mouth and blowing it over her hand onto the surface of the rock.

Take a virtual tour (chortle) of the Lascaux caves here.

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